I search you everywhere
When dark clouds descend on earth
When sorrows come in large waves
And try to break my tiny house
I see you appear on the sky as a rainbow.

I seek thee in me
As I know
I can not hold the rainbow
Detaching myself from the crowd
I become one with you.

The rainbow dissappears along with the cloud
And I melt into the soft sunrays
That create the rainbow.



Veiled Realities…..

Oh lovely bride

From under your dazzling veil
Reveals your face beautiful
With red kumkum and sandal dotted
On your graceful forehead
Doe eyes and black lashes
Curved eyebrows and charming lips
The ornaments you wear
Only adding allures
To your fine features.

The music of band party
The holy sound of shehnai, hulahulies
And conch shells
Mixed with the buzz of gatherings
Signal the arrival of bride groom you are waiting.

Oh lovely bride
You wear a smile
To welcome the guests
Who have gathered
To give you a farewell.

Oh lovely bride
Why do you hide
Those tears
That swell beneath your eyes?

Why do you
Cover up those sorrows
With your smile
Why do you choke yourself
With your muffled sobs
Drowned under the sound of conchshells
Why do you douse your burning chest
With your smile, that you know is a masquerade?

Oh lovely bride
Let your tears flow
Let them flow
Till you drain them all
As you know
There won’t be an occaison
When you can cry
To your hear’ts fill
Nor can you smile
To your heart’s desire.

Cry, cry ,till
You pour them all
Before you give
Final burial
To those tears, which are real
And say bye,
To those dreams
Wishes, laughter and love
That you conceal
In your heart
Before you proceed
To the fate unknown.

Veiled Realities…..

A Day Has Gone By

A day has gone by
Deducting one day
From my life
I ponder what I achieve
And what I give.

Day comes with morning newspapers
News of tension and terror
News of aversion and horror
Fill the morning editions
I flip through them
And think
How I have enriched from them.

Then comes our maid
In torn sareee
And blouse ragged
With tension writ large
To face our wrath
For her coming late.

Tingling sound of utensils
Fill the kitchen air
She toils her way
Through the grime and dirt
That we have accumulated.

She leaves the house
Showing her gratitude
For the cup of tea
And two chappatis
Or the paltry sum
We dole out at month’s end.

I cook the meal
Stuff the tiffin boxes
And see the children off to school.

Again cook for lunch
While husband readies for office
Hurrying from place to place
I see that everything is in place.

In between I munch
Some biscuits
Or have a sip from my tea cup.

When everything done
To my watch I look on
And wonder
Ah I will be late again
And face my angry boss
At the office entrance.

No I can’t go
Without checking
Lock and keys
Doors and windows
And children’s meals.

Oh it’s already late
No time to eat
And I rush to office
With my vanity bag
Hanging from my shoulder
But full with
False ego and emptiness.

A Day Has Gone …