Come Back Krishna

Come Back Krishna

Oh Lord! Since the day you left,
This Brajabhumi¹ has lost
Its sheen and colour, Its joy and laughter,
In every corner
Emptiness prevails, wind has stood still,
River has stopped its gurgle,
The sweet strain of your flute cannot be heard,
The happy voices of your friends have become silent
On their faces laughter has died,
Each tree, each vine, and every rock miss their Lord,
They miss your magic touch,
Out of sorrow flowers droop their heads
Your pet cows look for their Lord.
Akrura’s chariot did not come back,
Cruel Akrura plotted and stole our Lord.
The kadamba tree is waiting, the Tamala vine is waiting,
All the roads of Brajapuri² waiting, all the boys and all the ladies of Gopapuri³ waiting,
Waiting eagerly your dear Radha,
Oh Lord, do not turn a rock,
Do not torment your father, do not torture your mother,
Do not tear the fragile heart of your sweet beloved,
When will you come back, Oh Lord?
When will again river Yamuna feel the touch of your lotus feet?
Only once  you look back and spread your graceful glance,
Where you spent your happy days.
The air and earth, carrry your breath.
Water in the river and water in the well,
Reflect your thousand images.
The clothes you once stole*,
Still conceal your lotus fragnance.
Oh Lord, do not be cruel, do not be hard hearted,
Do not forget whom you left, for who are left,
Never forget their beloved Krishna, Oh Lord,
Be kind, be benevolent, and come back.


1,2,3 All these names refer to one place. It is the place where Lord Krishna spent his childhood days.
*. Lord Krishna as a boy had playfully stolen clothes of Gopis’ while they were taking bath.


2 thoughts on “Come Back Krishna

  1. Hemshankar says:

    Krishana is always here…

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