My Daughter’s Barbie Doll

In a mother’s eye her own child is the most beautiful child in the world.To me my daughter is no less

than a barbie doll.When she was small,I used to doll her up beautifully and loved to look at her

dressed up in beautiful dresses.

She is my second child and so most of her toys were her elder brother’s used ones.The gifts she

gets on her birthday or on other occasions were usurped by her elder brother.

Once going through a market place,she exclaimed and looked greedily at the rows of barbie dolls

adoring the front of the gift shop.She refused to leave the place and scrutinized each and every

barbie doll of that shop.As i was in a hurry,I promised to buy her a beautiful barbie doll of her

choice on her next birthday.

The dolls were in a variety of fashionable dresses.One who wore a hat,One dressed up as a nurse,

one with a vanity bag and a mini skirt.Each one seemed to be a trend setter in fashion world.She

spotted a beautiful doll wearing a pink top with a bow and a green mini skirt,holding a vanity bag.

With much persuasion my daughter left the place.When her birthday approached I took my daughter

to the same shop to purchase her the chosen barbiedoll.Oh,the doll was gone.It was already sold.

She tried to choose from other stuff but no one came up to her choice.She refused to buy any doll on that occasion.

Before her next birthday,I wished that i must buy a barbie for her.But at that time her father had

gone on tour to out of station.Over phone she had requested her father to bring her a barbie doll

as a birthday gift from Madras

Her father scanned through some nearby market places and looked for dolls.He chose a very cute

dancing doll for his lovely daughter.The doll was wearing dazzling woolen skirt and a green blouse

.When the key is setshe danced to the music “chal chhaiyan,chhaiyan..”He was delighted to get such

a beautiful doll for his daughter.When he returned from Madras,my daughter eagerly took out the box

and unwrapped it.Oh, it was not a barbie doll,though a very beautiful doll.

So her wish to own a barbie remained unfulfilled.Moreover, the dancing doll interested my son much more

than my daughter.He examined the mechanism that made the doll dance and sing.He unscrewed the

machine which was attached to the hip portion of the doll and tried to unravel the secrets of her

dancing and music ability.As a result the doll stopped dancing and singing.After repeated experiments

on her, the doll was broken.

For her next birthday,I was determined to purchase a barbie doll for my daughter.So with money in my

purse,I went to market and bought a doll for her.I returned home with much pleasure and thought,

my daughter would be surprised and give me thanks for the gift.When i took out the doll and showed her

I could hardly see any pleasure on her face.Oh, it was not an actual barbie doll.It was a “Betty doll”,

the Indian version of of barbie.As the doll was purchased from a distant shop I left the idea of

exchanging it.

Then i thought I must purchase a barbie doll for my daughter and gift her on any day, not necessarily

on a birthday.

Once going through a market I spotted the same doll,which was once chosen by my daughter.I enquired

about the price.Oh,I had not got enough money in my purse at that time to purchase it. I was unhappy

that I could not buy a mere barbie for my daughter though i have bought her many other gifts.

So while going with my daughter on one occasion I insisted that she must buy a barbie from a gift

shop.I had enough money in my bag.But my daughter looked at me and smiled,’No Mama,I don’t need a

barbie now.I have grown out of barbie age.Please purchase me a Sherlock Homes or a Harry Potter book”


10 thoughts on “My Daughter’s Barbie Doll

  1. Hemshankar says:

    So Touching… Proud of you…

  2. this is lovely bharati! this is what happens sometimes!

  3. Hi there, all the time i used to check web site posts here
    early in the dawn, as i love to learn more and more.

  4. bharatispen says:

    Reblogged this on Bharati's Pen and commented:

    Playing with dolls is so much fun for little girls.Barbie dolls are worldwide popular dolls.But it only belongs to richer class .All children are not lucky even to own very ordinary dolls.With the approach of Xmas we may think of gifting toys and dolls to those disadvantaged children.

  5. hi.

    i am a doll collector and have over 50 dolls of different kind.personally i feel girls are outgrowing Barbie at a very young age.Mattel (Barbie’s creator) is trying to upgrade Barbie by giving her a more contemporary touch,but still girls today are becoming more and more drawn towards books and gadgets instead of dolls.not sure if its good or bad.

    • bharatispen says:

      Loved your comment.I feel both books and dolls play great part in shaping the character of children.Children learn from different source. Different toys have their relevance for children of different ages. Companies build toys taking into consideration the age and psychology of children. So in my opinion both toys and books are required for children.

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