Don’t trap your spirit
In the dark rooms
It needs sunlight
and the free air
It needs to listen
Nature’s murmur
It needs to fly
to the vast openness
of the sky.
It needs to fathom
the blue sea depth.
It needs to count
the love,faith and truth.
Don’t suffocate it with fear
Don’t throttle its life
Allow free flow of colours
and all the nature’s bounties.


Perseverance, perfectionism, and the impossible

Cristian Mihai

impossibleIn a way, I believe that all artists are possessed by this silly ambition: they want to do something no one else has thought of doing before them. They want to create something that’s unique. And perfect. And so they try, again and again, and they always fail. It seems to me that this is what truly motivates us.

We keep on writing because nothing we write is good enough, or at least, as good as we think it should be. Or as good as we think it deserves to be.

No story is ever “finished.” There’s always something to change, to add, to remove.

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High Time to Go

You said ,it is high time
I should go.
I said to myself
It is high time
I should go.
Life turns its leaves
Chapters write themselves
Contacts and relations
Small wishes and big dreams
Jostle for space
Dreams remain always dreams
Words remain unsaid
Silence says its words
Half said sentences
Write full meaning on hearts.