What should be my behaviour in public place?

I was travelling in a public bus.My mother was seriously ill.It was 10 o’clock in the morning.I was worried about my mother.There was a Hindi music playing in the music system.The song was so loud that it was hurting my ears.Not only the loudness but also the meaning of the song was interfering with my thoughts.It was totally against my sombre mood.I sometimes question the people’s behaviour in public places.After introduction of mobile phones people talk a lot over phones.During my travel in buses and trains I have heard people talk in loud voices on many topics starting from sugary love talk to business to high toned arguments unmindful of fellow passengers.They just don’t care.Of course we have a right to use these public facilities.We should realise that our behaviour should not be the cause of discomfort to others.What would you like to say on this matter?


One thought on “What should be my behaviour in public place?

  1. Rishabh Upadhyay says:

    Some body’s pain is some one’s game. Who decides if the music is loud and harsh or cool and happening. Using mobile in public places is about etiquette though.

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