Me -a woman
I am to be loved
Not to be used.

Me-a flower
I am to be adored
And adorned
Not to be shredded.

To be handled with care
Not to be trampled.

To be paid back in love
Not with authority.

Me – A Dream
To be nurtured
To be realised
Not to be broken

Me- A Promise
Promise for the future
Keep me
In your heart’s care.


5 thoughts on “Woman

  1. meenas17 says:

    It is a beautiful poem.
    Thanks for the follow.
    Hope you enjoy reading my poems.
    All the best.

    • bharatispen says:

      Thank you Meena for your kind comments.I liked your latest poem “Am I too greedy.”You will surely get published.Perhaps each writer face such dilemma at some point in his /her writing career.
      Wish you a very Happy New Year and many more writings from your pen.

  2. Rishabh Upadhyay says:

    Sure, every women is to be loved and not to be used. Their tenderness is their beauty and their forgiveness is their strength.

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