My Daughter’s Barbie Doll

Playing with dolls is so much fun for little girls.Barbie dolls are worldwide popular dolls.But it only belongs to richer class .All children are not lucky even to own very ordinary dolls.With the approach of Xmas we may think of gifting toys and dolls to those disadvantaged children.

Bharati's Pen

In a mother’s eye her own child is the most beautiful child in the world.To me my daughter is no less

than a barbie doll.When she was small,I used to doll her up beautifully and loved to look at her

dressed up in beautiful dresses.

She is my second child and so most of her toys were her elder brother’s used ones.The gifts she

gets on her birthday or on other occasions were usurped by her elder brother.

Once going through a market place,she exclaimed and looked greedily at the rows of barbie dolls

adoring the front of the gift shop.She refused to leave the place and scrutinized each and every

barbie doll of that shop.As i was in a hurry,I promised to buy her a beautiful barbie doll of her

choice on her next birthday.

The dolls were in a variety of fashionable dresses.One who wore a hat,One dressed…

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