Oh My Dear Parrot.

You stayed with  me as a fond memory.
The green feathers and your chattering.
I know you were angry when we pulled your tail
and tormented you inside the cage.
But you were our mother’pet.
and you loved to be fed
with rice and milk by her hands.
The cage was shut from outside.
But you could easily open it from inside
and enjoy the pleasure of freedom at your own will

Like a child you  loved  my mother

showed your emotions

by spreading your wings and pecking

at her fingers

giving her

bits of your own food

It was pleasure to observe

the tenderness besotted with love.

You were part of our family

Loved and cared

But one day you flew away

Perhaps you wanted  to discover

A world outside the cage

You did not come back

Perhaps you did not know

How to return

Perhaps you did not know

And would never know

We were crying

Mother and we








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