A Day For Myself

My life sails
Pass by, the days, months and years
Who keeps their records?
These are my treasure
I give them away with no bounds
Take it
As much as you wish
But leave
Only a day for me.
This day
I shall leave aside
All fears and doubts
And devote it only to myself.
This day
I will give to myself
the sweetness of love
tenderness of affection
And I will open before myself
All words spelt-unspelt.
This day
I will collect
the pollen from flowers
colors from butterfly wings
to adorn my face
and beautify my being.
This day
I will decorate myself
With my songs and poems
And from the cuckoo
I will learn my language.
I will ask the clouds
To lend its black
For my eyes’ decor
I will ask the rain
to wash me pure.
I will ask the sky
to lend its vastness
and ask the ocean
to give its depth
for my poems.
This day
I will be only me
With not an iota of
apprehension or pretension
and my heart be blessed with
heavenly illumination
This day will be my day
May it be my last night
or the last day

The Earth

How terrible will it feel
If blue sea vanish
Leaving there only craters deep !

What an ugly look will it be
If we do not find
Fluffy clouds floating
Nor the joyous birds flying ?

Where will go the lions
Monkey and bear
If there are no forests
What shall we drink
If all rivers dry
Or the sky have no clouds to bless

How dark will it be
If from this earth
All colors are wiped
Leaving only a color black ?

Poetry Against Terror

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The boxing analogy

Very inspiring!

Cristian Mihai

boxing_2_lgLet me tell you a bit about this sport called boxing. It’s tough and rough, no doubt about it. But the most difficult and painful parts are not the ones you see on TV. No, the fights themselves are just the parts that people get to see. The real fighting, the struggle, take place off-screen. The time spent practicing, hours and hours of physical training, shadow boxing, sparring. That’s the tough part. A few minutes in a ring with another fighter don’t even come close to what happens during a training.

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