Poetry Against Terror

All peace loving people,let us all unite against  terror which has taken this beautiful  world towards destruction .64 poets around the world have lent their voices in an e-book named Poetry Against Terror published  in Amazon.com.You can see it on FB in a page poetry against terror.There is a free down load period to download the book in kindle,amazon .com.Please find it on your Face BookMay this New Year bring happiness and cheers to all.Wish you all a very Happy New Year

The boxing analogy

Very inspiring!

Cristian Mihai

boxing_2_lgLet me tell you a bit about this sport called boxing. It’s tough and rough, no doubt about it. But the most difficult and painful parts are not the ones you see on TV. No, the fights themselves are just the parts that people get to see. The real fighting, the struggle, take place off-screen. The time spent practicing, hours and hours of physical training, shadow boxing, sparring. That’s the tough part. A few minutes in a ring with another fighter don’t even come close to what happens during a training.

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Lullabies for Myself

I weave the magic words
To sing lullabies to myself
But lullabies float in the air
Carried by clouds
The song is heard somewhere.

The tortured soul
Restlessness of night
Finds an echo
And there is no explanation
For the heart throb.

Down pour

Wondering for words
Thoughts wander
Delve they into the soul
To find a meaning
For the sail
Face the storms and cloud bursts
That may some time
Blow away the words
And emotions.
I allow the steam
To gather the cloud
Let the cloud meander
Let it hover
Hover as long as it wishes
Till it gather
Enough water
Then pour
A surge of downpour
On white paper
Write a story
Of the rain and clouds.