Here I —–Write A Poem


When life goes heavy
With jagged trivialities
Burdensome with bossy anxieties
Feel like some dictators dictating
Every move my step takes
From how I prepare an omelette
To what I watch on T.V.
Mind becomes jam packed
With endless sermons
From all directions
Every one clamors for a right
To give me an advice
I try to breathe
Fresh air
To wriggle me out
From the clumsy mess
And to stand in the golden sunlight
Of the morning sun
And inhale the sweetness
Of a flower of new bloom.
Bharati Nayak


Will he walk again?
He asks himself
His voice slurred
Right hand, right leg paralysed
Tears welling up in eyes.

He breaks in to a cry
Any dear ones visits him.
We console him
He would surely get well
He will walk as before
Our consoling words
Sound so untrue to our own ears!

I ask father- –
Tell yourself
‘I will stand, I will walk’
Move your leg Father,
This way, that way.
He tries, tries and tries
And, no
The leg does not move,
Frustrations roll down his eyes.

We pray all Gods and Goddesses
Make him stand
Make him walk
Make his right hand strong enough,

The hand which had lifted me so many times
From the floor if I fell
And now
He can not lift it
To give me blessings.

I hold it,
Pray to greater Father
To give His Blessings
Give His energy to my father’s weak hands,
Give strength to his listless legs
And to light our days!

Autumn ,Then and Now

I remember,

Sleeping under a starry sky,

A small cloud was floating by,

Moon was playing hide and seek,

With my parents and siblings,

I was catching moon beams.

How time moves on,

Autumn turns to winter so fast,

A little girl inflowery frock,

Is in her autumn now,

And her child,

Who was playing pumpkin  on herback

Has flown to a different land,

Does Autumn look same there ?

Interview with Bharati Nayak by Critic Space

The Poet Says: “Born in the year 1962, I hail from Odisha, an eastern state of India. I always consider myself wannabe poet, though I have already published three poetry collections – one in my native language Odia and two books in English. I am not a student of literature, but writing is my hobby and passion. I was a regular contributor to my school magazines. I sincerely believe that pen is mightier than the sword. When I browse through poems I very often want to read the Biography of the poets. The biography, the background of the poet gives insight to understand his/her poem. The factors like gender, religion, schooling, family history, education and his culture etc. get reflected in his writings. When I do not find a Bio in the Poet’s page, I get disappointed. On Poem Hunter many are writing in their pen name or pseudo names for various reasons. It poses difficulty for the reader to understand his writings. Like I wanted to read Bio of other poets, other readers may also like to read my Bio. So I decided to submit on this page.
I am married and have 3 children. I have a Masters’ degree in Political Science from Utkal University, Bhubaneswar,India.. My school days were spent in Cuttack, my parental home.
I am a regular writer on the on-line poetry Site Poem Hunter has brought me closer to many kind and learned people around the world. I will always remain grateful to this amazing site and all friends across globe.
I truly feel myself a global citizen. Thanks to all readers, friends and commentators for your kind support in my poetic journey.” 

Q1.Many congratulations on your wonderful poetry collection “A Day For Myself”, Bharati! The collection is really amazing. What response are you getting on your work from the readers? Please share your experience with us.

Bharati Nayak:After the publication of my second poetry collection ‘A Day For Myself’ I got overwhelming response from my readers. On amazon ranking in Literature – books category it was ranked 695 in a fortnight. All of a sudden I got many friend requests on Face Book. Many readers personally messaged me that they like the simplicity of my expression and requested me not to change my style ever.

Q2. The collection is filled with lots of emotions and joy. How did you make this happen? And how much time it took to write the complete collection?

Bharati Nayak:Emotions are the starting point of any writing of poetry. Emotions and feelings of love, joy, fear, hatred or grief are the basis from which flows the poetry. In the field of poetry you can never write unless you feel it strongly.
Most poems were written between 2015 to 2016. After I decided to publish it took about 3 months.

Q3.How did you choose this ‘Poetry’ genre? Do you love to write poetries only or you write some short stories or novels also?

Bharati Nayak:When I was in school, I was an avid reader of stories and novels. I was amazed at the power of writers who could pen such stories in such details and their power of expression as well as imagination. In my school days I had written some stories and even got a prize in short story writing competition from ‘Nilasaila’ a literary organization of Odisha. I tried writing novel, but could not complete. In college I started appreciating poems. Then it was only poem and poem.

Q4.We all know that poetry gives poet lots of freedom to write. Poets are free to relate the poems, verses to the real world with ease. How do you enjoy this freedom while writing a poem?

Bharati Nayak: Poetry is a creative expression of your feelings, opinions or views. Poetry releases your pent up emotions. We basically write for ourselves. Poetry gives us that freedom to relate our emotions with the outside world and can create an imaginary world for ourselves as well as for others. By reading poetry a reader can travel to the inner space of the writer. Poetry is always a mix of real world and imaginary world. A poet has that creative freedom to express his real emotions, dreams or fantacies. Like any poet I exploit this freedom.

Q5. What does poetry mean to you? Do you see poetry as something which must be objective or an expression which must be charged with subjective views or an amalgam of both or something else? Please tell the reader about your views on it.

Bharati Nayak: Poetry to me is a spontaneous outflow of emotions. When something is felt strongly, they come in words. A poet’s feelings, assumptions, views and imaginations are naturally reflected in his poems. Even on a given topic, only facts or figures can never make a poem.

Q6.What do you like to do other than writing poetries? What are your other interest areas? Please let us know about it.

Bharati Nayak: I try doing different things. While we were staying in Kolkata I enrolled in a music class and learnt classical music. When I get free time I just like to sit at harmonium and practice one or two ‘Ragas’ I learned long back.
I had once participated in Biju Pattnaik Mini Marathon organised at Bhubaneswar and secured 5th position in that event.
Gardening is also my other hobby.

Q7.What do you think is the best time to write poems? Do you also have a pre decided time of writing or you write whenever thoughts come in your mind?

Bharati Nayak: As I am doing a Government job, I rarely find time to write in the day time. In the evening I relax by reading poems. So I choose late night for my writing when there are no distractions.

Q8. What do you think is the role of poetry in literature? The readers are giving most of their reading times to read novels only. Do you think readers should give equal preference to poetry as well?

Bharati Nayak: Poetry is the most beautiful part of literature. Yes, most people prefer to read stories and novels.
In a novel we get story, imagination and thrill. Poetry need a deeper appreciation and deeper understanding. Unless one is attuned, he cannot understand the meaning of a poem. Poetry is intense and compact where emotions are expressed in few lines or even few words.
Songs are based on lyrical poems. Without poems, there would be no songs. So I say, poetry is the most beautiful part of literature.
When I get a magazine in my hand, I go to poetry section first. When I read a poem whose meaning I do not understand, I go on reading that poem until I get its meaning. Then I feel like I have solved a complex mathematical puzzle.
Unless one reads poetry, he can never know what beauty it holds. Children should be encouraged to read poems along with other genres of literature.

Q9. Who inspired you to write poems? We all have some role models, inspirations in every field; do you also follow some personality in literature? Please let us know about your favourite poets or author.

Bharati Nayak: I was inspired by reading poems of different poets. The world renowned poet Jayanta Mohapatra hails from my home State , Odisha. When I was doing my graduation in Ravenshaw College, Cuttack, he was a professor there and we used to admire him a lot for writing in English and becoming a world poet.
I love reading many poets from my state who write mostly in vernacular. Satchi Routray, Mayadhar Mansingh, Ramakanta Rath and Sitakanta Mohapatra are some of the poets whose writings I appreciate. There are also many other poets whose writings I like and the list will be too long if I try to name them.
In English, I love reading Pablo Neruda and many contemporary poets whose writings I read on regular basis. They are Daniel Brick, Denis Mair, Fabrizio Frosini, Susan Williams, Akhtar Jawad, Valsa George, Sayeed Abubakar, Kumarmani Mahakul, Dr. Antony Theodore and a host of others.

Q10. Are you writing other books as well? We would love to get more such amazing books from you. Please tell the readers if you are working in any other project as of now.

Bharati Nayak:My first poetry collection ‘Padma Pada’ (meaning lotus feet) was in Odia. It was published by ‘Anisa’ publication of Khorda district of Odisha. My first English poetry collection is ‘Words Are Such Perfect Traitors’. ‘A Day For Myself’ is the second in English. Both the books are published by Authorspress, New Delhi. Yes I am working on two books presently. One in Odia and the other is in English.

Thanks a lot for the answers, Bharati. It was a pleasure talking with you. Wish you great success and future!

Bharati Nayak:Welcome Critic Space. Thanks for taking my interview. It is my great pleasure interacting with you.

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I Am In My Mother’s Eyes

I Am In My Mother’s Eyes – Poem by Bharati Nayak

Oh Mother
I am
That daughter of yours
Who you see
as capable for every thing
You dream your unrealised dreams
Through my eyes
You see me as one
Who progresses ahead
Setting aside all hurdles
My every success
Becomes your pride.

You say
I am beautiful
All Sarees look nice on me
I also admit
I can wear nicely
All colour Sarees
Be it of anger or anguish
Neglect or intolerance
I drape them
So dexterously
That I look beautiful to all.

No, No,
Perhaps I look beautiful to you
You say
Your daughter is beautiful
You don’t know
How much strength
Is there in your words
Only I know
It is your love
That are my weapons
My power
I dazzle in this light and
I look beautiful
So beautiful!

I speak Not

I Speak Not – Poem by Bharati Nayak

I speak not
As I feel
Speaking is not essential
Silence speaks for itself
Even eyes speak
Speak thousand words my quivering lips
Unsaid words travel million miles
Sun speaks
Moon speaks
Speaks the thunderstorm
When hearts meet
Mouth says no words
Only the closeness knows
How louder is the heart
When it beats
Beating the loudness of sea-roars.

/ -nayak/

Shall I Wait till I understand Pablo Neruda

Shall I Wait Till I Understand Pablo Neruda – Poem by Bharati Nayak

Perchance I happened to meet
One editor of a newspaper big
In conversation I told him
About my interest in writing
In Odia and in English do I write
And conveyed my wish
To get them published.

Asked he me some questions
To gauge my knowledge depth
Ma’m! Have you read
Jayanta Mohapatra and Pablo Neruda?

I am a casual writer
Not a person who has read much
Limited is my knowledge in literature
Yes, Great Poems one or two I have read
From Jayanta Mohapatra and Pablo Neruda
To be frank
I could not fully comprehend

Then he recited with all right intonations
Some stanza’s from Neruda’s poems
And some of his own creations
I heard in amazement
How to the ears they sound so sweet

After he left
I questioned myself
Questioned my knowledge limited
How I dare to venture to this world
A world full of Jayanta Mohapatra, Ramakanta Ratha
Shakespeare and Wordsworth
Above all Pablo Neruda

Restless was I
Restless were my days
As a voice in me always tormented
‘I do want to come out’, the voice implored
I want to see the light
Oh Mother, Bring me out

What the great minds say of me
I brought her to the fore
And looked at her
Eyes, face and forehead
What the future
Written there
I know not, I know not
Am I not beautiful, my baby asked
Oh! You are beautiful, very beautiful
You are my sweet child
I would not compare you
With that of Pablo Neruda
Or never that with Jayanta Mohapatra.

I blew a kiss on her forehead
And in whisper i said
Oh my child
Always, always feel blessed.


This poem has been published in my book—-Words Are Such Perfect Traitors

Published by Authorspress,New Delhi,India available  at

A Day For Myself

My life sails
Pass by, the days, months and years
Who keeps their records?
These are my treasure
I give them away with no bounds
Take it
As much as you wish
But leave
Only a day for me.
This day
I shall leave aside
All fears and doubts
And devote it only to myself.
This day
I will give to myself
the sweetness of love
tenderness of affection
And I will open before myself
All words spelt-unspelt.
This day
I will collect
the pollen from flowers
colors from butterfly wings
to adorn my face
and beautify my being.
This day
I will decorate myself
With my songs and poems
And from the cuckoo
I will learn my language.
I will ask the clouds
To lend its black
For my eyes’ decor
I will ask the rain
to wash me pure.
I will ask the sky
to lend its vastness
and ask the ocean
to give its depth
for my poems.
This day
I will be only me
With not an iota of
apprehension or pretension
and my heart be blessed with
heavenly illumination
This day will be my day
May it be my last night
or the last day

The Earth

How terrible will it feel
If blue sea vanish
Leaving there only craters deep !

What an ugly look will it be
If we do not find
Fluffy clouds floating
Nor the joyous birds flying ?

Where will go the lions
Monkey and bear
If there are no forests
What shall we drink
If all rivers dry
Or the sky have no clouds to bless

How dark will it be
If from this earth
All colors are wiped
Leaving only a color black ?