Oh Life !

Oh life
Again it is me
Oh life
I see you as dew drops
Falling on soft green grass
I see the dew drops
Sparkle in the sunshine
Oh life
You sparkle through every thing
Time squeezes to naught
You expand to infinity
You stay
From tiniest ripples to biggest waves
When I wear a smile
It is your dazzle
When I cry
It is remembrance
From every down to every up
You make me grow from strength to strength.
Oh life
I am grateful to thee
I am grateful to thee.

Special Thanks to All My Friends.

Thanks a lot to all my friends.I would first thank WordPress.com for creating such vast opportunity for creative people who showcase their creativeness in various fields.Wordpress provides space for release of emotions at an individual as well as social level.Every creative person wants his creation to be read and appreciated. WordPress gives that break to all beginners inspiring them to write and providing necessary blogging tips.I always love to read those blog statistics which give insight into the standard of my writing and the ways I can improve my blog.Freshly Pressed featured writings are well chosen writings of very high standard and a reader can easily land there just by clicking the button.ReadersPage gives me opportunity to read the blogs of my favourite writers.Though I am not a very regular blogger ,wordpress helps me to keep my creativeness alive with its inpirational support team.
I must thank my son who created this site Bharatispen for me as a Birthday Gift, introducing me to this world of computer when I did not know ABC of Computer and even today can not tell what is ROM or what is RAM.Typing is also a hard task for me .But I love to visit my blog and other blogs regularly and squeese time for them.
Last but not the least I profusely thank my friends and followers who visit my site ,give their likes as well as valuable comments and share my writings .It gives me immense pleasure to know that so far readers from 22 countries have visited my sites .It is of great value to me even if one reader liked my posts.

Alphabet Challenge-ABC

A for apple,B for ball,C for Cat-Building up a story with these three alphabets seems more challenging to me than what my little son faced when he was learning the alphabets.Twenty four years have passed since my son then a boy of three years started learning ABCs and counting 1,2,3,—-.Now he has grown enough to start a family for his own and may be teaching his son or daughter ABC with in three or four years.Time flies so fast.
The little events associated with my children’s growing up stages are ebbed in my memory. One such incident comes to my mind.My son was only three years then.He loved eating fish.But fish was not available always as we had to depend on the fish vendors. One day my husband purchased one kg fish from the market and handed me with the instruction to cook it nicely for his son before he left for his office.I was cleaning the fish and cutting it into pieces while my son watched.My son was shouting with joy and making unending queries about the fish.Just to stop him I said”Shh—”
“Why Mama?”
“Because the cat may hear.”
If cat hears what will happen?
“The cat will eat away all your fish”-but really I was thinking that our neighbour might overhear the overzealous expressions of my son about fish and might take it as someone who rarely gets to eat fish.
My son started further queries in low hushed voice.
Mama-Does cat love Fish?

Alphabet Challenge-ABC–Continued

By some error the story about the Cat eating away the fish sneakingly got published halfway while saving the draft.And I thought-Let it be.Not all things get to see their completion. Sometimes half told sentences carry more meaning than the full sentences.But I must tell the story.I cleaned the fish and fried the pieces in oil.My son relished two or three pieces.I kept the other pieces in the frying pan.Closing the kitchen door my son and me went for an afternoon nap for a while.We woke up to find that the kitchen door was open and there was no sign of any fish in the frying pan.The cat somehow pushed its way through the kitchen door which was loosely locked.My son looked sad knowing that the cat had eaten away all the fish.Perhaps the cat had overheard him while he was talking about fish curry.
Mama,What will Baba eat?
I asked him not to tell Baba about the cat eating all the fish as he would get angry about my carelessness.
When my husband returned from office,asked how was the fish.
“Very Fine—-“I answered hesitantly ,not feeling confident to tell the truth”
“But cat—–“My son interrupted ,and stopped there realising that father might get angry if he knew the fact.
“What cat—?”his father asked?
“Oh nothing,I was telling that cat loves to eat fish”replied my son.
“Did you eat fish?”
“Oh Yes .I ate fish.I ate all the fish.”
“YOU ate all the fish?Really?”His father looked puzzled.
“Was the curry tasty?”
“Oh yes,but the cat ate all the fish” ;the truth slipped from his tongue.
I sometimes wonder how innocent a child is!I put a burden on him when I asked him not to tell his father about the fact. While he was trying to save mother out of love his innocence gave way to truth.But in the process he was learning to face innumerable similar situations in life.